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Making the Right First Impression

By April 27, 2020June 28th, 2021No Comments
Part 1 of “Connecting People with a Business Focus” Blog Series
If it makes good business sense to connect two people from your network, then it is quite likely you already know these two people. So, how does that constitute a first impression? When you introduce two people you know personally to each other for business purposes, you are now making your first professional impression. However, converting these can be delicate because your personal connections may not know your professional side. And if you put yourself out there by suggesting they meet or connect, you run the risk of jeopardizing your personal relationship with both if things don’t work out. So, what do you do? Leverage your personal relationships to your advantage. You already have rapport with each, which means you probably earned their trust. Both will be much more receptive to an introduction by you than someone with whom they do not already have a personal or business relationship. Trying to connect two people professionally who you feel could benefits from each other’s products or services also elevates your credibility with both parties. You are looking out for them sets you apart as a business person who’s not out for their own gain. This in turn alleviates any pressure and allows your connection to feel confident that you have their best business interests in mind. This is vital, especially when it comes time for you to ask these same connections to consider going business with you. Which leads us to the burning question that if I help someone else, then what’s in it for me?  Stay tuned, I will expand on WIIFM in my next blog.
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