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The Spotted Lanternfly: A Notice to Contractors, Truckers and Others

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Several of our contractor clients are talking about the Spotted Lantern Fly. Some are involved in the removal of the Spotted Lantern Fly and others just need to pay more attention to what the Spotted Lantern Fly means to their business since there is a state quarantine procedure that must be followed.

The Spotted Lantern Fly is an invasive species indigenous to China, India and Vietnam. First found in Berks County 2014, the Spotted Lantern Fly is now spreading to other counties in the commonwealth. The Spotted Lantern Fly can impact many crops and even alter quality of life for those living in infested areas. And, they are now traveling on vehicles, equipment and other transported products when not identified. They can cause millions in damages to crops

So, what does this mean for contractors, truckers and others working in infestation areas? For those working in the quarantine counties, you may have responsibilities to manage the spread of the Spotted Lantern Fly. Pest companies and lawn care companies know all about this pest and are equipped with eliminating the issue when identified. For those crossing into the quarantine area and back out, you may need to obtain a permit to travel safely over that border and back to your primary location to help stop the “hitchhiking” of this pest. For those operating in or just stopping in and traveling out of the quarantine zone counties (shown below)   you’ll likely need to comply with strict inspection and training regulations.

The PA Department of Agriculture has created strict regulations around the inspection of all vehicles, equipment, and shipped materials that cross into the quarantine zone above. At your company at least one individual must be trained and provide training to your staff on the following:

  • understand the importance of stopping spotted lanternfly
  • outline the lifecycle and habits of spotted lanternfly
  • understand why there is a quarantine zone and how it works
  • find and destroy spotted lanternfly
  • implement best practices to follow as you work in the quarantine zone

Once this designated individual takes the proper training they will become the “trainer at your company. All drivers, loaders and sales folks should then be trained by your trainer to ensure your company will receive permits to be displayed on the necessary vehicles used by these individuals.

So, how will this requirement come up within your operations? Customer, vendors, DOT inspectors and others can ask for proof or copies of your permits. Much like a certificate of insurance, your permit regulated by the PA Department of Agriculture will help you remain compliant with those parties requesting proof and help you to earn and maintain jobs within the quarantine zone. If you are questioning your need for a permit, follow these 4 examples provided by our friends at the PennState Extension partnering with the PA Dept. Of Ag).

  1. A tax preparation business has an office within the quarantine zone. Employees drive their personal cars to work and work in the office all day. The business has no cars and is not actively moving products. This business does not need a permit. However, employees are encouraged to complete and carry a compliance checklist in their own vehicles.
  2. A potato chip company has a manufacturing facility in the quarantine zone that packages pallets of product and ships either in its own fleet of trucks or with common carriers. This business needs a permit.
  3. The PA Department of Agriculture has a regional office within the quarantine zone. In the course of their duties, some regional staff drive state vehicles within the zone, and some drive in and out of the quarantine zone. This organization needs a permit.
  4. A business based in Western Pennsylvani,a outside of the quarantine zone, routinely delivers truckloads of product to New Jersey, also outside any quarantine area. The truck drives through the quarantine area but does not stop to load or unload any product. This business does not need a permit. However, the business should securing the truck and load from hitchhiking Spotted Lanternfly.
  5. An agricultural business that is based outside the quarantine zone routinely delivers produce to a retail distribution center in the quarantine zone. The truck stops in the zone, unloads product, may or may not load material for the return trip. This business needs a permit. This business, although it is based outside the quarantine zone, needs to have a Spotted Lanternfly permit.

Click here for more information or give us a call and we can share with you what other current clients encountered around this exposure to your business.

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