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What’s In It For Me?

By April 30, 2020June 28th, 2021No Comments
Part 2 of “Connecting People with a Business Focus” Blog Series
It’s all about adding value. To introduce two people I know personally to one another because I think they could benefits professionally, then what’s in it for me? WII-Simply loFM: The Salesperson’s Favorite Radio Station Forget satellite radio. This is the station running through every salesperson’s head. And when it comes to making an introduction to benefits someone else, it is inevitable as salespeople to hear it playing loud and clear. After all, if I am going out of my way to help someone, what can I expect in return? I have sales goals, you know! Yes, you do too, and there may be no easier way to exceed those goals than by putting the focus on someone else. Now that’s playing a different tune. We all know the importance of adding value to our clients, especially if you want to be viewed as more than a commodity. The same principle applies when making introductions for others. By doing so, both parties benefit from your efforts. This, in turn, give you permission to check in and find out if either party can benefit from your products or services. Don’t worry, you have earned this opportunity. By focusing initially on what matters to others, you have set yourself up for success. It’s the old concept of the more you give, the more you receive. It’s not that complicated. Simply look for opportunities within your personal network to make introductions that could benefit each party professionally. You will be surprised how few salespeople are doing this. Remember, they are all listening to WII-FM. Set yourself apart by marching to the beat of your own drum.
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