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Why You Should Work with an Independent Insurance Agent

By February 5, 2020June 28th, 2021No Comments
Whether it’s insuring your home, auto, collectibles or anything else, insurance can feel overwhelming. There are so many companies and different types of policies and coverages. For those of us who are not insurance experts, we are left to shop around and make a really important decision that could leave us spending more money and getting less coverage. Working with an independent insurance agent means working with an insurance expert who can offer you more of what you need, which often means getting you improved and broader coverage at a better rate.   Save Time Don’t waste your valuable time searching for the best insurance when you’re not an insurance expert. Save yourself the hassle and work with an independent insurance agent.  Let them do the work for you.  They are licensed and appointed, meaning they understand the industry and coverages available that make the most sense for you.   Greater Selection Maybe you’re comfortable where you are and have always worked with the same insurance carrier since you started to drive. They may be a direct writer and have limited options to offer. With an independent insurance agent, you are granted access to a plethora of carriers and options. This means they can find coverages, offer solutions, and issue policies that are most suitable to your particular needs.   Unbiased Advice In addition to being an expert in the insurance space, understanding policy language and staying up-to-date on recent trends, independent insurance agents are committed to you. They are not committed to one particular carrier, which means their genuine interest lies in finding coverage in your best interest. At Valley Forge Captive Advisors, our team is salary based. What does that mean? Your agent isn’t thinking about the type of commission they’re going to make off of you, which never leaves you over or under insured.   Long-Term Relationship Instead of buying a policy once and simply renewing it every year, independent insurance agents really get to know you and your needs. They are not interested in vague, off-the-shelf policies. They work diligently to find policies that are specialized for you and tailored to your lifestyle. If you’re interested in improving your insurance coverage and saving money, reach out to our team. We will get to know you, review your portfolio and find how we can best help you.
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